Palau was the first film I wrote and produced.
When John and Leo reconnect after ten years apart, Leo surprises John with a one-way ticket to Micronesia and an enticing — or maybe ridiculous — offer.

“Stop Stopping the Impossible” Testimonial

Made this Instagram testimonial for my friend Dale Thorhammer’s show “Stop Stopping the Unstoppable!”
Check him out here:


Tri-Curious toured the festival circuit before moving to YouTube where it was viewed more than 1.5 million times. It’s currently a Dekkoo exclusive, so if you want to see the full thing, you’ll have to subscribe.

More Than A Monster

More Than A Monster was a ridiculously fun MuchFACT short I filmed a few years ago when I rocked some crazy long hair. I got to play a creepy bad guy which I love. Enjoy!

Stanfield’s/Comedy Network “EXPOSED!” Contest Commercial

This commercial was basically all improv, so the audition involved stripping to my underwear and just doing whatever I could to make the casting director laugh. My audition ended after I sang Britney Spears “Hold It Against Me” with the lyrics changed to “If I said I want Chipotle now / Would you hold it against me?”


A very old project, but one of the most fun shorts I had the pleasure of filming.

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