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Rob has worked as a journalist for ten years, writing for such publications as VICE, Advocate, The National PostNOW Magazine, Metro Toronto#CdnCult Times, FAB,, Eye Weekly, Guide Magazine, and Outlooks and appearing on CTV News and Sun News Network.

He is best known for his work as a reporter and columnist with Xtra, Canada’s Gay & Lesbian newspaper, now, where for more than a decade, he has covered such topics as: national, provincial, and municipal politics; community organizations and activism; human rights law; crime; media analysis; HIV/AIDS; and immigration and refugee issues. He is well-known in the LGBT community for fearlessly sharing his unconventional opinions on topics of the day.

Rob also manages the @LGBTmarriage Twitter feed, where he posts news from around the world about the global fight for equal marriage.

Selected Bibliography:

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